Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Awning damage at country club

The damage to this awning at a local country club was the result of a large truck backing into it during a delivery. The metal support beams were bent halfway ... READ MORE

Retirement Facility Damaged by Hurricane

Faster to Any Size Emergency In many cleaning and restoration situations, immediate action is needed. Water is particularly invasive, quickly spreading througho... READ MORE

Water Heater Breaks in Vape and Smoke Shop

A malfunctioning water heater created several inches of standing water in this business. SERVPRO worked around the clock to restore the effected area and preven... READ MORE

Chapels Water Pipes Burst During Extremely Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures are experienced, but a unusual cold snap in early January 2019 caused the pipes above this restroom at this Chapel to burst with ease. SERVPRO... READ MORE

Bursted Pipes in Church

This water damaged soaked carpet in as the result of burst pipes in a nearby restroom at a local church. The area shown is the churches fellowship hall, where t... READ MORE

Water Damage Causes Structure Damage to Walls

Here we have a wall that was dried using our state of the art equipment. The wall was affected by water damage. The drywall was cut above the water line with th... READ MORE

Commercial Rebuild

We invest in the latest technology and equipment because it helps us restore your home more quickly and to minimize cost. This equipment allows us to detect hid... READ MORE

Water in Light Fixtures

If you see water trapped in light fixtures then this is usually caused by water trickling down from a floor above. This can be due to many different issues but ... READ MORE

Biohazard Cleanup at a Commercial Property

Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences. A failure to properly remove such substances can contribute to unhealthy ... READ MORE

Commercial Property

A leak from a bathroom cause the break room of this business to flood with water. Once the remaining water was extracted, dehumidifiers were set up to dry the s... READ MORE

Water Damage at a Commercial Property

The owner of this commercial property called SERVPRO to get the clean up done. As you can see from the pictures the water damage came from above and trickles do... READ MORE