Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

45 Years of Loyal Service and 2021 Legend Gold

Last month, at the SERVPRO 2021 Convention, we were presented with the 2021 Legend Gold Award and the 45 Years of Loyal Service Award. We are honored to have received this award for our mitigation and restoration services including water, storm, fire, and mold.

We are happy to serve our local communities. We want to thank our customers for their continued support. These milestones add to the history of accomplishments. 45 years and counting!

Delaminated Carpet From Water Damage

Delaminated carpet is extremely common to happen from a water damage. The glue becomes loose from the water and even water extraction can cause this if you are not careful. Leave it to the pros and call us on your next water damage.

Frozen Pipe Burst in Ceiling

Frozen Pipe burst in ceiling. So cold that the water froze in mid air. This happens more often than people think. When the weather gets below that freezing mark, it is so important to check your pipes, and make sure they are well protected to avoid situations like this.

Water Loss in Kitchen

An ignored water leak can result in a demolition of the kitchen in an Augusta home. The degradation of the cabinets and building materials to a non-salvageable degree means that SERVPRO techs must remove, discard, and prep the area for a renovation.

Smoke Damage

No, not spider webs! These are soot tags caused by a "puff back" from a furnace. SERVPRO recommends having your heating system inspected and maintained periodically. We can mitigate the staining and smearing as we remove the unsightly soot residue from the walls, ceiling, and the curtains. Count on us to do it right.

Mold On Floor Joist

The mold shown here on this floor joist was after an extensive water damage to the upper level.  Without the proper water removal and dehumidification process the mold can grow and spread very quickly.

Frigid Temps

With the frigid temperatures below zero, make sure you aren't letting your home fall to a disaster.  Your pipes can freeze almost instantly, causing a large disaster in your home busting them and causing extensive water damage.  Give us a call at SERVPRO