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Commercial Property Water Damage

It may not look like much water but the cleanup can be way over your head!  Any water damage in your place of business or home is bad.  But trying to clean it up yourself can be a disaster.  Call your local water damage cleanup and restoration experts of SERVPRO.

Sewage Backup at your place of Business

Before you risk your health or the value of your commercial property or business by cleaning up sewer backup, toilet overflow or other dark water source that contains potentially harmful bacteria that can affect your health and the value of your property give us a call. We are your commercial cleanup and restoration experts at SERVPRO  

Water Damage at Local Retirement

This is a photo from a water loss that we did at a local retirement home.  This water damage was the result of a fire that happened in one of the residences room that trig erred the sprinkler to go off...affecting multiple units.

Commercial Loss

After protecting and securing the structure, professionals at SERVPRO of Bethesda / Potomac can begin the restoration process. Your home or business may need reconstruction work to get your property back to its preloss condition.

The professionals at SERVPRO of Bethesda / Potomac can simplify the restoration process by handling both the initial damage mitigation and rebuilding the affected areas. Having one qualified company for the entire process can save time and keeps costs low.

SERVPRO of Bethesda / Potomac can provide this continuity by supervising a full range of restoration services that will bring a building back to full functionality

Water Damage in a Commercial Space

After water overflowed from a sink in this office building, SERVPRO was called in to do the water mitigation work. It is always important to call your insurance adjuster or a respected restoration company as soon as you notice a loss. Not taking care of water damage right away can lead to mold and more money spent.

This loss affected the whole floor of this commercial space. Many rooms had to have water extracted in an effort to then follow- up with the next step. Once water was removed, the carpet had to be pulled up, and the padding that was underneath it as well had to be thrown out. Then we set up dehumidifiers to dry the floor and walls.

Every water damage event is a little different and requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same.

Commercial Loss

There's never a convenient time for fire or water damage to strike your business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we'll be there fast with the help you need. 

Commercial Loss

Thanks to minor flooding in this warehouse, some of the items that were being held there were damaged beyond repair. We easily extracted the water that was left and scrubbed the floors.

Commercial Loss

After a major water loss the ceiling buckled from the water and the weight. It affected a few floors but SERVPRO was able to fix the building back to its normal state.

Commercial Water Loss

After a large flood this warehouse was filled with water. We were able to extract the water and clean the floors. You can see the levels of the water on the boxes.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles are always ready so that we can help with any of your restoration, cleaning or remidation needs. Once you call SERVPRO with your problem, we give you the support you need on your loss immediately.